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The Bathroom Supplies Checklist

Posted by Amani on 2021 Aug 12th

The Bathroom Supplies Checklist

Complimentary toiletries go a long way in adding to customer satisfaction. This is especially true if guests are traveling by air and have to leave these products at home. Keeping your bathrooms stocked with all the essential toiletries and amenities adds a touch of luxury and heightens a guest's experience.

Keep in mind that customers can filter for specific amenities on most booking sites. Capitalize on your booking potential by ensuring that your rental is included in these searches.

  • Travel Size Toileteries: Offer a variety of bath amenities such as toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and body washes to leave occupants feeling refreshed.
  • Soap: Soap is an essential bathroom supply. Be sure to include several bars of soap in every bathroom to guarantee that guests won't run out during their visit.
  • Hair dryer: While a hair dryer isn't an essential Airbnb supply, travelers will appreciate not having to pack this bulky item in their luggage.
  • Toilet paper: Keep the bathroom stocked with plenty of toilet paper to last the duration of your guests' stay.
  • Towels: Make sure that you include enough bath towels, hand towels, and face towels for each occupant. The number of towels you will need varies on the length of your visitors' stay, but providing four of each type per bedroom is a good place to start. If you live near a lake or ocean, you should also provide outdoor towels. You can even include bath robes to pamper guests.
  • Towel bars: Keep bathrooms tidy by installing towel bars, towel racks, towel rings, or towel and robe hooks in bathrooms to hang damp towels after use.
  • Shower curtains, rods, and liners: Shower rods and curtains are bathroom essentials. Keep in mind that liners should be replaced every year, so you may want to stock up on this item.
  • Bath mats: Bath mats are a must-have in every full or master bathroom. Choose from disposable bath mats to minimize laundry or opt for non-disposable options. Keep in mind that non-disposable mats may need to be replaced every so often, as these items tend to age quickly if placed in high-traffic areas.
  • Bathroom mirrors: Help guests get ready in the morning or before a night out with wall-mount mirrors and vanity mirrors.
  • Bathroom accessories: Don't forget to include wastebaskets, soap dishes, and tissue box covers for added convenience.
  • Scale: Health-conscious visitors will appreciate the addition of these attractive scales in their bathroom.
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