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About Us

We make it easy for you to offer that top-notch, memorable, and five-star rental place experience to your guests.

Running a vacation rental business is not an easy feat. You have to stay on top of everything from food, amenities, to even the type of mattress you use for your beds. Your goal as a great host is to impress your guests enough for them to leave a great review, or recommend the place to their friends and family.

But this can be challenging if you are getting your vacation rental supplies from different teams or companies. Before you know it, home decor inventory or grocery supplies starts to run out and keeping track of where you got a problematic product suddenly becomes a nightmare.

You are supposed to battle stress yourself in order to give a satisfactory experience to your guests. And we are here to make that happen.

At ChickenPieces, our goal is simple. Make it easier for you to become a super host, offering nothing but five-star rental place experience booking after booking.

You will need guidance, especially if you are new to the vacation rental business. And we will use our extensive background with 5-star luxury hotels, who offer fine dining cuisine, in Australia, New Zealand, and the US to help you become the super host you want to be.


Why make us THE choice?

Don’t bother talking with different suppliers about the things you need to smoothly run a rental place. We have everything you need, from food to appliances. And the best part? You only need to contact one customer service team for questions or concerns.

We love to help you turn a great experience into a dream-like experience.

Nothing beats a memorable vacation rental place. One that you will recommend to your friends. And we are here to help you redefine the way you make your guests feel at home while they stay at your rental place. By offering you premium brands that never disappoint, your guests are bound to have the most relaxing stay. Premium brands equals transformation experience, and that equals to rave reviews that will get you more guests in the future.

Wildly popular outdoor amenities at arm’s reach.

Never have to scour the internet for the best outdoor amenities supplies. Our collection offers a wide range of patio & outdoor products you will love to have in your rental place for guests to enjoy. From inflatable pools, swings, to even gardening tools, we have everything you will need to keep a picturesque outdoor area for people to relax.

Maintaining your rental place has never been this easy.

Aside from offering products your guests will use during their stay, we also offer effective and affordable cleaning tools and equipment for staff to use. This helps with the maintenance of your vacation rental place, so you can get more great reviews that magnet more guests and bookings.

We understand what it takes to run a rental place business. And we are here to make everything easier for you.

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