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Honey / Jam & Jellies

The Honey / Jam & Jellies category offers a wide variety of delicious products that are perfect for adding flavor and sweetness to your meals and snacks. Whether you're looking for a tasty spread for your morning toast or a tangy pickle to complement your burger, this category has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of this category is the assortment of honey and honey-based products. MUNCHIES Trail Mix, Honey Sweet is a convenient snack option that combines the natural sweetness of honey with crunchy nuts and dried fruits. For a wholesome breakfast or an on-the-go snack, NATURE VALLEY Crunchy Granola Bars in the Oats 'N' Honey flavor are a popular choice. These bars are packed with whole grain oats and real honey for a satisfying and tasty treat.

If you're a fan of pickles, you'll love the selection in this category. SUNSPUN offers a range of pickle options, including Dill Pickles, Hamburger Sliced Dill Pickles, and Whole Kosher Style Dill Pickles. These pickles are made with premium quality ingredients and are perfect for adding a burst of flavor to your sandwiches, burgers, or snack plates. BICKS Polskie Ogórki Dills and Baby Dill Pickles, as well as the Sweet Mixed Pickles, offer even more variety for pickle enthusiasts.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are also delectable options available. HALDIRAM Gulab Jamun is a traditional Indian dessert that features deep-fried dumplings soaked in a sweet syrup. This indulgent treat is perfect for special occasions or as a decadent after-dinner dessert. Nutella Hazelnut Spread Piping Bag provides a rich and creamy spread that can be used on toast, pancakes, or even as a filling for pastries.

To complete the category, there are also unique options such as the REESE'S Peanut Butter Sauce Jar, perfect for ice cream sundaes, and Ashoka Sweet Mango Chutney, a versatile condiment that adds a burst of fruity flavor to various dishes. Lastly, Sunkist Peach Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix offers a refreshing and smooth dessert option that's easy to prepare and enjoy.

No matter what your taste preferences are, the Honey / Jam & Jellies category has a diverse range of products to satisfy your cravings. Explore the selection and elevate your meals and snacks with these flavorful options.
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